Traineeship Technology & Automation for Technical Graduates

Bridging the gap

In such an innovative and forever-changing industry, the possibilities for technical specialists are endless. “Atlas sees opportunities to train specialists in E-Technology and automation. We discovered that technical graduates find it difficult to move into E-technology because of the gap in their theoretical and practical knowledge”, says Marvin van Dijk, Account Manager Engineering & Project Controls and initiator of the Traineeship. “Therefore, in close collaboration with our clients and partners, we have developed a new traineeship program that is designed to train technical specialists within 18 months as a junior in automation and E-technology to be able to start with one of our reputable clients.” 

Atlas strives to ensure that this traineeship allows the next generation to have the qualifications and skillsets to carry out operations in E-Technology and automation in a safe, reliable and competent manner. 

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The traineeship gives trainees the opportunity to gain first-hand experience alongside some of the industry’s biggest companies with support from our own experts. The traineeship will start 1st December 2016 in the Netherlands (in Dutch). There are still some spaces available, so if you have 0-3 years of technical work experience and you would like to progress into E-technology please contact Marvin van Dijk (, +31 23 556 04 30).

Course Content

The traineeship is targeted at graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Technology or another relevant subject. The course will be taught in both an online and working environment and will last for 18 months. During the first 4 weeks of the course, trainees will be instructed in the Netherlands by experts from the industry. From there, trainees will have the opportunity to work with our reputable clients, putting their knowledge into practice.

The trainee’s will be instructed in how to carry out operations in: DCS, Process Control, PLC, SCADA, and E-Technology all of which can be taught in an e-learning environment. 

 The following topics will also be covered during the traineeship: 

  • Theoretical skills: Measurement and control, BUS systems and Safety, PLC, E-technology, DCS Engineering
  • Practice Skills: Testing, commissioning, management / maintenance, licenses.