Atlas successfully launches E-Technology & Automation Traineeship

On 1st December, the first candidates for Atlas Professionals E-Technology and Automation course began their training at the company’s headquarters in Hoofddorp.

Filling in the gap

As the industry becomes more competitive, more technical specialists have found it difficult to break into the market due to gaps in their theoretical and practical knowledge. To tackle this, Atlas Professionals established their new traineeship to allow young professionals to take the next step in their careers and work with our clients. Atlas makes it their priority to ensure that their clients receive professionals who have the qualifications and the skillsets to carry out operations in a safe and reliable manner. 

In-house training

From a range of technical backgrounds such as chemical technology, aviation and ship electronics, the candidates will start training at Atlas’ office in Hoofddorp and at a local training centre. The centre specialises in training young technical professionals in a variety of disciplines such as Measurement & Control, Safety, DCS & PLC systems and E-Technology. In their first month of training, the candidates will also have the opportunity to work at a training facility based in Belgium, where they will be tested on their practical knowledge in E-Technology and Automation. From January 2017 the candidates will be able to work with one of our clients. 

Future proof

It’s an exciting time for both the candidates and Atlas as this traineeship opens doors in a competitive market, and provides an opportunity for Atlas to play a part in ensuring competency and training. Marvin van Dijk, Account Manager: “We are very happy that eight professionals committed themselves to this specialised training course and would like to work with one of our clients in the energy industry. There, they can further develop their knowledge within that specific company."