Anne Visser, E&I Engineer at Centrica

Anne Visser

Anne Visser (1965) has been working at Centrica as Senior E&I Engineer since February 1st, 2011. Centrica is one of the largest gas suppliers in England, and has two manned platforms and four unmanned platforms (satellite platforms) in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. Anne is in charge of the engineering and maintenance on all of these platforms.

“I came into contact with Centrica in Hoofddorp via Atlas Professionals. Centrica has two main platforms in the Dutch sector of the North Sea: the F3-FA and the J6A. I am jointly responsible for routine maintenance and inspection as well as maintenance and modification of the Electrical & Instrumentation installations on both the two main platforms and the satellite platforms”, Anne Visser tells us.


“I have been working in the oil and gas industry as an engineer for 20 years. After I finished my study at the College of Technology in 1989, specializing in operations systems and computerization, I just happened to find work in the oil and gas industry as a Junior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer for Stork Protech in Schiedam, and have gained all of my experience in the oil and gas industry.”

Varied and challenging

“The great thing about this job is that it is extremely varied and challenging. It is always a challenge to make improvements on a platform. With the use of the knowledge and experience gained working for other companies I enjoy attempting to convince management that some aspects of improvement are necessary. I visit the North Sea platforms regularly to ensure that all installation has taken place according to the rules. Based on the information I have collected offshore, the detail-drawings often need to be adjusted so that the final situation is shown correctly.”


“I always try to keep my knowledge up-to-date by attending seminars or congresses held during Offshore events, such as at the Offshore Energy event this year. It’s a shame that I cannot pass my knowledge on to the younger generation. When I started at Stork Protech I was lucky enough to have a Personal Coach to teach me the tricks of the trade. Unfortunately very few engineers work in the oil and gas industry, something I personally think is a shame. It’s a great profession and engineers are always sought after.”